Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Gawd! The heat! The heat!

Still labouring under this oppressive heat wave..(what global warming?) Montana is the new Arizona. I guess this could be yet another advance for population control. All the elderly who moved to Arizona for a "comfortable" climate will soon be dropping dead from the heat, leaving Arizona to become the new Sahara. Oh lighten up! Death happens. duh

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Have just done some hashish. Feel very good. Just have time to have a little high and come down in time to get drunk enough to go to work for bread to buy more hashish and come down a bit. Swim in sea at 10:30 and sun-tanning in tangerine bikini then some kif to cool the hashish tingle and come down in time to go to work. Swallow eight amphetamines and start the vodka and orange juice fresh squeezed and play with Max...and Peter keep your hands off my legs. And then to sing rock-folk-blues finally groove. Anything goes. Scarlet, orange, pink and black jumpsuit no back in it sexy, oozy dig it! Take drummer's hands off back (tomorrow bongoes) Japanese organist really awful but I groove so much anything swings now, mind in a rocker with pendulum motion feel heartbeat, breathe, breathe. Sing deep go low, low, high is shrill go low groove, growl, scream low and purr the notes descending. Down, down punctuate with ascensions and you have the permission to sing she told her so sing. New note, new beat, new groove, real groove, honest work first time Tangier good head, work hard smile! Hard hearted Hannah and sing about butter melting in mouth and give little sister a set or two to sing. Can't stop free association, first time, very groove. Blind owls can only see in the dark. Vitamin sun and sandy hair, flowers, scent, donkey bray, braw, brawl. Storms. Losing altitude. More hashish to maintain level. Must close, mind degeneration, no more swings hear bells taste tin. Return home. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 saints in the making.

Someone's Coming

Put me on a desert island
Leave me well supplied and go
If I should stay for 50 years
And never see a soul
I'd still live every day expecting someone

Wednesday, July 4, 2007