Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not All About Me

Something else rotten happened last month but I didn't want to lump it into my little diatribe of what really amounts to just an unusual concentration of life's little foibles.
My good friend Michelle was diagnosed with cancer and is having to face the consequences of that. Sometimes, life just sucks.

Bad Luck

Never believed in bad luck per se...still don't really but what would you call it if...
All in the space of a month, though not in this particular order, my blood pressure monitor broke, my microwave oven went kaput, my dial up modem went belly up and my car radiator had to be replaced. The car I had to borrow while mine was in the shop also had a radiator leak causing me to have to add coolant every morning and several times a day while running errands. Oh by the way, the borrowed car is a freakin' 1992 Chevy Suburban with oh...I'm guessing about 15 miles to the gallon. Meanwhile, six months of dental work and $5000 (already paid!) was supposed to culminate in a shining new mouth of teeth, caps, crowns and implants and for the first time ever in a long history of dental experience, the lab screwed up and the crowns for my new implant were made wrong making me have to wait another three weeks!! More...I work as a housekeeper. During the past three days, TWO vacuum cleaners went on the fritz. One actually had it's motor blow up and the other one is screwed up although I believe it's repairable. Today, the very day my employer is coming home after being gone for a month, the toilet in one of her bathrooms sprung a water leak and completely soaked the carpet outside the bathroom. I think there was something else also, but it escapes me at the moment.