Friday, August 31, 2007

Drinkin' 'n' Smokin'

To hell with it. Thought I would ever stop? It's one in the morning on a Saturday, I worked all week cleaning and organizing the environs of a lazy rich woman and if anyone imagines that I would not stretch out tonight...well!
HOWEVER...these days I rest my ashtray on the center of a room air purifier 'cause I find the odour of cigarette smoke singularly offensive.
I should be in the Bay Area this weekend with David and Buddy and MARMADUKE!! The New Riders are riding together this weekend and I'm not there. (Ah well...they were mean to me anyway.)


The dogs treed a baby bear at The Hot Springs yesterday. Cute little guy, well not SO little, could chew your hand off at the wrist if you got close enough...nonethless, we've been seeing signs of him for a few weeks now but finally got a good look. He's kind of dark silver colored with black paws and head... I watched as he slid down the tree, hit the ground running and tailed it straight up the side of the canyon and handily eluded the dogs. They never had a chance.
Also had a mama racoon and two babies in my front yard last night. I love it here!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


"You can't keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once, then move on." Homer Simpson


"If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little." George Carlin

Poem 1968

Stumbling and lost in simple data
Embryonic soul awash with guilt
For countless uncommitted sins
A human being.

A Dead Memory 1971/72

Frankie was burned out on my jeans and T-Shirt habit. New Year's Eve at 6pm she was altering a gown of hers to fit me. It was a lovely pale aqua, cut on the bias with tiny covered buttons from cleavage to floor. To illustrate her determination, she moved every button and let out a half inch or so to make the gown fit. I have to say, it fit like the proverbially glove. She had a professional at the house to do our hair and make-up. Frankie took my glasses and I didn't see them again until the next morning. (Hell...without my glasses I didn't see much of anything until the next morning!) I had to admit that I probably looked pretty good by the way people were staring at me with mouths agape but I couldn't tell you who they were. This was the New Years at Winterland when some crazed Deadhead climbed through the skylight in the roof and was reelin' and a rockin' on the catwalk a hundred feet or so above the very center of the stage. Actually, had he fallen he would have pretty much wiped out Kreutzman's drum set. The audience went eerily quiet as they began to realize what was happening, every face an upturned moon watching the man on the catwalk. Backstage,I'm poking people beside me. "What's happening?! What's happening?!"
The band prudently vacated the stage as Bill Graham, in his inimitable fashion, talked the man down. They lowered this nutso on a rope to the stage where security could snatch him, remove him and the show went on.
Also, it's important to know that that night, no one was allowed onstage/backstage unless you let Rex drop you a dose. So, besides my standard myopia I was hallucinating like crazy.
I looked good though. Everyone said so. For the first and last time in my life I truly was a RAVING beauty!
The next morning we all ended up back at Weirs (including Graham), Frankie gave me back my blue jeans, my T-Shirt and my glasses and we all went to Muir beach to play volleyball until sunset.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Fires Come

Fire has again encompassed a major portion of my beloved State of Montana. The heat has been unbearable and now we get the interminable in and day out. I try to keep in mind that there are men and women out there on the firelines in intense heat and danger keeping the fires from the homes of the people who insist on building right on or in the edges of the National Forests.
Also have noticed that there is a dearth of fawns this year. I usually have at least 5 or 6 does with one or two fawns apiece cavorting around the apple and pear trees from June throughout the summer.
What global warming?